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RV / Motorhome Shipping

The bridge over the sea.

Since 1997, SeaBridge shipped more than 6.000 motorhomes to North America or back.

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The motorhome can be shipped with full camping equipment.

Is RV transport / motorhome shipping transport worth it?

No rental vehicle can replace the comfort of your own motorhome furnished according to your personal needs. To rent an expensive vehicle while your own camper stands unused at your doorstep is quite difficult to see. European motor homes are relatively compact, economical and convenient for travelling.

Roll-On / Roll-Off

It is considered to be the safest and cost-effective maritime transport. RO/RO-ships only take rolling cargo that is driven into the vessel via a ramp. Modern car carriers can hold a maximum of 6,000 vehicles of up to 6 m height, 9 m width, 30 m length and 300 ton weight. The decks can be partially moved vertically, so that a maximum number of vehicles can be loaded.


The booking of the cargo should be made about 3 to 4 months in advance. Late bookings, prior to 2 weeks from date of departure are possible if necessary. Our ports in Europe: Hamburg/Bremerhaven (Germany) and Antwerp/Zeebrugge (Belgium). The vehicle is loaded 2 business days after delivery. The vehicle can be picked up 2 working days after the arrival of the ship. You will receive detailed information about the unloading & pickup ports.

Safety of Vehicles

It is a fact that things get "stolen" only occasionally - the situation is not as dramatic as it is sometimes presented on the Internet. In recent years around 1% of our campers were shipped to North America; and 5% of campers were shipped to South America. Also, the destinations South Africa & Australia are as safe as North America from our experience. Since 1997, we have still not faced a "cleared-out" motor-home situation.
Seabridge has created conditions for the highest possible degree of safety in cooperation with the ship-owners. Of course, it is also the responsibility of the customer to not leave any valuables like GPS, camera, laptop etc. in the motor-home.

Experienced partner with expert advice

Seabridge for Motorhomes, founded by the Heinemann family, became the author of Mit dem Hymer Camp nach Amerika travel guide. This book emerged from various personal shipping experiences of authors and several months of travelling with their own motor-homes through North America and Australia. Due to numerous requests from readers who wanted to emulate Heinemann family, Seabridge for Motorhomes was launched. Since 1997, we have shipped over 6,000 motor homes across the Atlantic.
Seabridge for Motorhomes differs from freight forwarders as it provides holistic counselling, based on personal shipping experience (we know almost all ports due to our own travel experience) and almost 20 years of work routine. In addition to detailed information about the dispensing & collection Port (including tickets, hotel & camping suggestions, shopping & gas) and some information about travelling to the destination continent our customers are also provided information about power supply, insurance, visa, documents & permits for temporary import etc.
The experience of our customers helps us keep our information up to date.

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